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We're an Atlanta-based based company specializing in ecommerce, and we're a leading innovator in reducing the complexity of the Internet to a much simpler level. 

Since 1999, our team has delivered easy to use, award winning consumer oriented websites targeting general shopping, travel, tall apparel, and more.  We have contracts with over 200 of the top online merchants, and we are able to focus consumers to the specific goods or services they need.

Which is what the Internet should really be -- a tool to help us be more efficient, not a confusing jumble of search results that slow us down even more.




Through our contracts with America's major ecommerce retailers, we have helped over five million visitors to our websites have a more efficient, more enjoyable shopping experience. 

Some of the merchants with whom we are affiliated are shown below:










One of our most successful websites, I'm Tall Too has assisted thousands of tall men and women in finding clothing and footwear in their sizes.


Active on the Internet since 1999, Wellington Square combines a comprehensive shopping mall with resources for students and general reference materials.


As avid travelers, we have enjoyed passing along our tips to others on where to stay, what to see, and shortcuts to make journeys more enjoyable.





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